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Jazzy Creative Shop. Chic Designs & Accessories: Tees, Stationery, Magazine & More! Inspiring Women To Live Life With Confidence & Style. 

Jazzy Creative Magazine: a seasonal magazine. Fashion, Business, Lifestyle and Women Empowerment.

Founded by Erica Mathews. Sharing my passion for art, style, and design.

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Meet the founder:

Erica Mathews is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and designer. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Erica loves helping people start businesses, turn their passion to profits, and build brands that allow them to create the life & freedom they choose through entrepreneurship. Inspiring women to succeed in both business & life. Also, the creator of Jazzy Creative Magazine -a fashion, lifestyle, & women empowerment magazine.

Inspiring women around the world… through Fashion, Business, Lifestyle, & More! 

Visit my main website at ericamathews.com