Jazzy Creative Magazine

Fashion & Women Empowerment Magazine

June/July 2017 Issue

This Issue Includes 111 pages.

Topics shared in this issue are….

  • She’s Got Style -Fashion Around The World
  • She Means Business
  • Women Who Inspire
  • Food & Entertaining
  • Health & Wellness Tips
  • Travel & More!

How It Works:

  • Currently, Jazzy Creative Magazine is a digital magazine.

  • Each issue is $5.99. You also have the option to pay for yearly subscriptions.

  • Download and save your issues! You can view online or download to your computer.

Digital Magazine: Single Issue $5.99   

(June/July 2017)



***Since Jazzy Creative Magazine launched near the end of June 2017…. The 1st issue will include both June & July 2017.  The 2nd issue will be Auqust 2017. -A Monthly Magazine.