Lady In Red: Dr Vanessa Aseye Atikpui -Ghana, Africa

By June 16, 2017Fashion

Dr. Vanessa is amazing!

She’s featured in the June/July 2017 issue of Jazzy Creative Magazine.

Lady In Red!

It was an honor to interview Dr Vanessa Aseye Atikpui. She is a medical doctor in Ghana, Africa. I came across one of Vanessa’s pictures on Instagram. She had on a beautiful red dress and since I was starting my new fashion and lifestyle magazine, I reached out to Vanessa and asked if I could feature her in the “She’s Got Style” section of the Jazzy Creative Magazine. She responded to my message and gave me the permission to use her photo. I also asked her to email me her biography to introduce her along with her photo. Vanessa has a very sweet and kind spirit. A generous person you would want to call your friend.

After reading Vanessa’s bio, I was very impressed. At the time, I didn’t know that she was a doctor or where she lived. I had no clue of the amazing person that she is and the awesome work that she’s doing in her country and community. So, I asked Vanessa if I could interview her to share her amazing work as a medical doctor and difference maker.

Lady of Style & Elegance: Dr. Vanessa Aseye Atikpui.

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Technology and social networks has made it so much easier to communicate with just a click of a button. Social Media is one of the things that I absolutely love about the internet. We live in a globalized world, opening the door to an entirely new culture and a new way of viewing the world through online media.

So, it is my pleasure to interview Dr Vanessa:

Erica: Question #1

Vanessa, tell us a little about yourself…. where are you from and what you do as a profession?

Dr. Vanessa: Answer

“I am a qualified and practicing medical doctor with 2 years and counting of experience having worked at Korle bu teaching hospital, 37 military hospital and university of Ghana hospital. I am the only daughter of my parents (Dr and Mrs Eli Kwesi Atikpui) We are a family of 6, parents included and 3 brothers.

My schooling begun at a very early age. I am a proud Hopsan (Holy Child School). My medical schooling was in China (Dalian Medical University). I graduated as the youngest medical doctor at the age of 22 in my batch in Ghana for the year 2015.

My interests are in photography, makeup and fashion designing. In my spare time, I like to watch movies, documentaries and also design and makeup. I really love to cook also.

My future aspiration is to be one of the best general surgeons and also to be a strong part of women and children empowerment fighting against domestic and child abuse.

Also, I intend to explore other fields such as fashion designing and makeup, which has been a life-long passion. Style has been something that has always been a part of me.

I live by the saying: it only gets better”.

Erica: Question #2

Awesome! So proud of you and your many accomplishments. I absolutely love your quote “It Only Gets Better”. With a career as a medical doctor, it is good to know that you are also multi passionate. Having an interest in Fashion Designing and Makeup. I understand that you speak several languages as well. What languages do you speak and what is your primary language?

Dr. Vanessa: Answer

“English is my main tongue however I speak 3 different local languages and Mandarin (Chinese).”

Erica: Question #3

Yes, there are many benefits to being multilingual. The ability to speak multi languages fluently is a plus. Especially for people to increase their communication skills when traveling and pursing international careers. Living in the US, I’ve studied Spanish as a second language.
You said that you attended medical school in China (Dalian Medical University) and graduated as the youngest medical doctor at the age of 22. And, in your batch in Ghana for the year 2015. First, I would like to say a huge congratulation to you! How was that whole experience for you and what inspired you to become a medical doctor?

Dr. Vanessa: Answer

“Well thank you. With regards to my experience, I would say it was different. Different in terms of culture, food and weather. Overall, it was an exciting and enlightening one. I got intrigued by the culture and I have learned how to cook some basic Chinese dishes example being their hotspot and dumplings. For my inspiration, it’s more like who inspired me. I got all my inspiration from my father. He is a medical Doctor also, although he is now into the administrative section of medicine, he inspired me into the whole medical fraternity in the way he spoke passionately about his experiences and challenges. I listened as a little girl and I thought to myself, I would love to be like daddy, and at a point better.”

Erica: Question #4

I know that surgery includes a variety of specialized disciplines. What is your specialty and what is it like in the day of a surgeon?

Dr. Vanessa: Answer

“Truly surgery does have a wide variety. I am gearing more towards a general surgeon specialty. With my experience during housemanship on the surgical ward and in theatre, I would say the typical day of a surgeon is equivocal. Equivocal in the sense that one minute you find yourself doing reviews on the ward, the next minute you find yourself rushing to the emergency room or theatre to attend to a patient. In general however, it’s always thrilled filled day and not one day is the same as another.”

Erica: Question #5

We really do appreciate you and all medical professions for your dedication and hard work. Last question. We know that abuse of any kind is unacceptable. You mentioned earlier that you will like to be a strong part of women and children empowerment… fighting against domestic and child abuse. Vanessa, that is such a great way to make a difference. Please share a little about your vision to promote the wellbeing of women and children through prevention and possibly nurturing environments?

Dr. Vanessa: Answer

“Thank you Erica. Oh yes, abuse of any kind is completely unacceptable. I am extremely passionate about this. You know, in our parts of the world, women and children are made to believe that physical abuse and verbal is a way or a form of love. We have most women who go through stages of abuse and say nothing about it one because they do not have anyone to talk to or when they do they are told it is “normal” and secondly they tend to accept or feel that their partner will only abuse them because he is in love and thirdly they feel their partners will be betrayed. I have had many experiences especially having worked in the emergency room where at about 3-4am a woman is brought in with fractured limbs, lacerations, bruising etc etc. which she sustained from her partner. It’s a sad sight to see. And what’s even worse is, the woman refuses to report it. It’s rather unfortunate. I intend to help in this area by adding on to awareness and education of the woman. Advocating for the establishment of support groups where women are made to feel empowered and comfortable. Women need to be made aware of their worth. Women need to be aware that, they deserve to be treated with love and respect. There should be awareness that abuse in any form does not equal love. For our children, we are their voice. It is our responsibility to teach them not to be afraid. An environment where we look after one another and fight for one another is my goal. I intend to create an environment strong in love and peace, an environment of no abuse. In as little a way as I can.”

Erica: Closing

Absolutely! Abuse in any form does not equal love. It is truly sad and bring tears to my eyes. So, proud of you for taking a step toward making a difference in so many women lives. Promoting the wellbeing of women and children through prevention.
You are such an inspiration! Medical Doctor, Fashion lover, and Advocate for Domestic & Child Abuse.

Thank you so much Vanessa. It was a pleasure interviewing you today on the Erica Mathews Show. I’m honored to have met you on Instagram and wishing you much success with your future endeavors. Because, it’s people like you who makes the world a better place to live in. Keep reaching high and being amazing my friend.

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